Materials + Care



MOSES NADEL offer limited edition leather goods. Embracing the tenacity and artistry of our legacy, our leather goods are crafted in New York from start to finish by the hands of a singular artisan: combining materials individually selected for their beauty, integrity, and structural potential. Each piece we create is made with love and built for a lifetime of adventures.


  • Leather is a natural material and is subject to change from one piece to another and with daily use. Changes in the color of the leather and stains are signs of wear. They are natural and normal and distinctive qualities that make each piece beautiful and individual. Avoid cleaning all leather products aside from dusting with a dust cloth or rag; leather goods should be brought to a professional leather cleaner. Spot cleaning is not recommended.
  • Sheepskin/Shearling should be professionally cleaned.
  • Metal will darken and develop patinas organically with frequent use or over time. Our accessory metals are not lacquered. To maintain a shiny finish on your metals we suggest a polishing cloth. Otherwise we recommend you ask a local jeweler to give your jewels a shine or you can send them back to us for a small fee.

Leather Types

  • Cowhide We offer nearly all of our products in variations of cow. It is durable and strong and comes in an endless variety of appearances and finishes. 
    • Luster Our Luster leathers have a sheen to them but are not overly shiny. 
    • Smooth Grain Smooth leather has very little inherent grain to the texture.
    • Explorer Our Explorer leather has a subtle rustic appearance. It's slightly weathered look has a smooth finish with inherent character and will age beautifully.
    • Natural Grain Our Natural leather has a visible or tangible grain to the leather and a tumbled look. 
    • Vegtan Vegetable tanned leather is a naturally finished skin that will patina considerable with use and exposure to the elements. 
    • Metallic Metallic leather has either a foil look (this can be shiny), or it can be a more matte finish. It should be defined in the product description however certain items we do not offer an option and the metallics chosen are part of the design.
    • Heavyweight These leathers are generally textured and have a weight to them. They are exceptionally durable and will resist most scratches and stains. 
    • Suede Our Suede skins are heavyweight and durable and may be treated with stain-resistant.
  • Calf Is luxurious, soft and durable with a fine grain.
    • Calfskin Our calf is medium-weight with a silky sheen. It has a sensual feel and is generally smooth in texture.
    • Calf Suede Our Calf Suede is Lightweight and Smooth with a chamois finish.
  • American Buffalo Incredibly durable and heavily textured with a very organic appearance.
  • Sheepskin/Shearling Sheepskin is also known as shearling. It has variety of different lengths, textures and appearances.
  • Lambskin
    • Bubble Bubble Lamb is lightweight and delicate. It has a very visible "bubble" texture with a smooth feel.
    • Shrunken Shrunken Lamb is lightweight and delicate. It has a washed appearance and feel.
    • Tibetan Tibet Lamb Shearling has a very long and curly appearance and silky smooth feel.