Vertebrae Tote

Vertebrae Tote

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Product Description

Designed for the eclectic connoisseur, this tote is defined by its woven vertebrae center band which is crafted from a unique section of individual links. 

Fit and Construction

Hundreds of individually punched links are handwoven through the center of this simple tote. It's roomy interior functions as an everyday bag. Its optional lanyard linked inner pouch holds safe keepings or detaches to grab your essentials on the go.

Material Leather, Suede. Unlined. *Scroll down for color swatches.


  • Small: L 14" (Top 18"), H 10", D 6.5", straps 10", inner pouch L 7.5" x H 5.5"
  • Large: L 18" (Top 22"), H 12", D 6.5", straps 10", inner pouch L 7.5" x H 5.5"

Style No. BTO1701

Production Time 2-3 weeks

Pouch Accessory:
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