Moses Nadel

Navigating New York is an adventure. An energy on its own and its heartbeat is an ever-changing amalgam of dreams and stories. Hidden in the urban details is a romance: the old-world cobblestones, the sentinel water towers, the fire escapes that symbolize our poetic stairways to heaven, and the thriving Wisteria climbing the facades of history that represent the burgeon of our ambition. This is our Urban Romantic.

MOSES NADEL has taken this wisdom to heart by embodying romanticism. Embracing the tenacity and artistry of our legacy, our leather goods are crafted in New York from start to finish by the hands of a singular artisan. A great sage once said, “Carry what you love, and love will carry you.” Each piece MOSES NADEL creates is made with love and built for a lifetime of adventures. Let Life Unfold.

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